Here I wanna share about my morning routine that maybe could be your new recommendation to create amazing morning that you’ll through. Before, I’m not a morning person. I’m like an owl who sleep in the morning and do many things in the night. Due to the real fact, my idea has always come in the night.

And this is my new habit in the morning, the first effort I ever do is wake up early. I watching many videos about How to Wake Up Early on youtube or read on Pinterest. That more working than you only turn on the alarm but you touch the snooze.

I have many selections, but only one working in my life. That is the video by Matt D’Avella and he is my new favorite youtube for minimalist content. Why did I choose to watch the English content as an Indonesian? I dunno but I think they have many productive contents rather then vlog. I’m so boring with Indonesian youtube content, honestly.

1. Put it down the alarm

The first thing that will make you wake up early is, put it down the alarm or phone far away from your bed. My side, I took the phone on my study desk with a cup of mineral water. So, when the alarm ringing you’ll force yourself to wake up and turn off the alarm. Do it and drink the mineral water that will make you feel better and have a little spirit to start your day without going back to your bed.

If you seriously to wake up early, you’ll wake up in this way. But if you only wake up for turn off the alarm, then you sleep afresh, you’ll never wake up early. Commit to waking up like this every day without ‘But’ although the day is your day off. Wake up early is starting from the habit.

2. Dress up

I directly to take a bath and dress up to start the day. I don’t want to do the activity without taking a bath. Because I think when we already did, sleepy will doubt to come again. Ready to dress up, makeup and pick the clothes would make your day are best.

3. Kitchen habit

Minimalist is my resolution this year. So, I really want to choose what I need and what can’t make me spend my money to something not too important. And I started with my lunch box, save more money for the future. If I don’t have any food to cook, I always have an egg for my simple lunch. I also made the green tea or a cup of coffee to start the day, that is something important on morning routine right?

4. My plant

When I wake up early, I have many times that make me can do something more than before. The first one is talking with my plants at my mini garden. I love cactus so much, and many plants who have big leaves. They are green and so fresh. With a cup of coffee or tea, I sit in front of my plant and start talking about many things. They are really alive, just talk and you’ll hear they answer.

5. Talking with my family

This one is my favorite routine in the morning. I always talk with my Mamah and Papah regarding my job at the office. Or something like I need their advice if I have things made me doubt. And then, we switch topic like they need my response about their problem or the little thing what they want. For sample “Mamah want a cheese cake.” so I’ll going to Bakery to buy it for my lovely mom. Trust me, it’ll make your day runs well.

So, what’s your morning routine? It will maybe change, actually, I’m a person that doesn’t like monotonous activity. I’ll keep you update if I have something good to share in here. Leave your comment and share what’s your best habit in the morning.